The Math Coach Difference

Who are our target clients?

While most of the students of The Math Coach are in middle school and high school, a range of students including elementary school students, professional athletes, young professionals, and college students choose The Math Coach  for the opportunity to work with tutors who are proven in both academic and professional settings, with the ability to deliver a highly personalized tutoring experience.

What is The Math Coach difference?

In order to provide the most effective support for any student, The Math Coach gathers insights about skill performance and new requirements from several perspectives including the student, guidance counselor, parent, teacher, and test results. The broader the understanding of the need, the better equipped The Math Coach is to design a learning approach that is truly best fit. Additionally, The Math Coach has extensive experience working with many schools to ensure that the materials used for tutoring situations are consistent with those used in both the classroom and homework environments.  This helps build confidence among tutors and students that each learning opportunity will be as productive as possible.

How does our tutor profile create unique value?

Value is delivered in several ways.  First, each tutor prepares extensively for the tutoring session with careful and complete preparation, which ensures each session will be very productive–time spent helping a student solve challenging problems is better than taking time to become familiar with actual problems and other materials.  Second, most tutors have extensive experience applying academic skills in the real world, such as in engineering or research and analysis assignments. These practical experiences encourage tutors to provide helpful examples of math application across a variety of situations.  And thirdly, creating a learning environment in which learners can practice solving common problems through application of the fundamentals supports stronger performance in homework and testing situations.

How do we define our learning partnership?

Our primary partnership is between the tutor and student.  Yet in many cases the partnership needs to extend to include the parent(s) and teacher, as well as the school guidance counselor. The partnership is solidified when expectations on behalf of all participants remain clear, follow-up becomes a part of the process, and each participant remains totally committed to the learning through timely completion of homework and sharing of testing and other grading results.

How do our core values shape The Math Coach experience?

Although The Math Coach has a complete set of values used to select tutors and deliver services, the two values that drive the The Math Coach difference are respect for the learner and commitment to excellence. These values contribute to a foundation of mutual respect which reminds all participants of the importance of time, preparation, follow-through, and feedback.

How do we define outstanding outcomes?

Best outcomes include greater student confidence in one’s academic skills, improved scores, improved feedback from parents and teachers, and when it counts most, solid preparation for the next level of learning. Additionally, a strong desire on behalf of the student to continue learning with The Math Coach tutor!